Cozy Games Favoured By Search Engines

The bingo industry is full of reviewers and bingo players who are happy to tell you what sites they love, and what sites they don’t! Generally big players such as Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and Mecca Bingo come out on top with a special place held for sites such as Tombola, but if you asked a search engine for any old bingo site, you might not get what your average bingo player would expect.

In fact, research from SEO company Blueclaw has shown that in fact it’s Cozy Games sites that come out at the top of the search engines, with Comfy Bingo a firm favourite.

The brand used Paddy Power Bingo as its starting point, comparing the coverage bingo sites get on popular search engines such as Google, and the results were surprising. Cozy Games is taking about 45% of the top terms, an astonishing amount considering how many operators there are out there. In fact, Cozy’s closest competitors were bingo goliaths, Dragonfish but they only take about 11% of generic bingo search terms.

Of all the Cozy Games sites, and there are plenty with 16 Live Bingo Network sites launching this year alone, it was Comfy Bingo that comes out top of all the searches. We’re fairly sure that most bingo reviewers and players wouldn’t choose Comfy Bingo, or maybe other Cozy sites as their favourite site, but with search engines ranking the sites so well it’s little wonder we’re seeing such expansion within the networks on this software.

Whether this is just a quirk of search, or whether clever SEO techniques are in play is unknown but it’s likely to be a big wake up to other operators out there. While the more savvy potential player will shop around, reading reviews and recommendations on the Internet, thousands are sure to watch a bingo advert on the television, not remember the name of the site and just search ‘online bingo’, and those players are very likely to end up at Comfy Bingo or another Cozy Games Management site!

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