A Good Week For Bingo National

If you haven’t heard of ‘The National’ then you may be playing in the wrong club, as their linked games can have some huge payouts. In one week alone, the game paid out over £300,000 to two lucky winners.

We’re sure that you have heard of The National but for new players here’s a little round-up. Many of the UK’s bingo halls play the games on a daily basis, with clubs linking up all over the UK, which is how the jackpots can be so big. To date over a billion pounds has been paid out to lucky winners all vying for their share of the £250K on offer every week.

If you haven’t played The National, you can find out where your nearest club is on their website. There are a lot of clubs running the National including Castle and Mecca Bingo, and smaller chains, but to find out for sure where your nearest club is you will need to use the link at the bottom of this article.

Back to the winners. One lucky lady in Mecca Bingo is Beeston won a £72,253 jackpot during an afternoon session. This win was within a week of a £250,000 win by Denise Squire, aged 51 at Leo Leisure Bingo in Ryde on the Isle of Wight. “Leo Leisure? Never heard of them!”, but that is exactly the point, you don’t have to play at a club owned by one of the ‘big players’ to be in with a chance to win a big prize, and in the case of Denise Squire, a life changing prize.

The National Game is not just about jackpots though, they have loads of other prizes on offer. If you win ‘Win! Shout! Share!’ there’s no quibbling about who you share your prize money with, no syndicates here, as the prize goes to everyone playing the game in the club. A recent win of £100,000 at the Mecca Bingo Club in Acocks Green, Birmingham was shared between 360 players (roughly almost 300 quid each). Obviously the more players the less the size of the share, but even so, better than a poke in the eye with a plastic daffodil! And that didn’t matter anyway for Joanne Mills who on the same night walked away with a £25K prize. And, not bound by the Shout and Share rules she split her prize with her mother.

136 winners of their cruise holiday set off on a journey around the Mediterranean in September. The winners from all over the country started off in Venice, then went to cruise to Bari, Katacolon, Izmir, Istanbul, with a final stop in Dubrovnik.

The wins from the National game come big and regularly, have a look on their website, it’s a pretty impressive list of winners and winnings.

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