Even More Tales Of The President’s Step-mother!

I know I have been harping on about this over my last few blogs but this is another story about the presidents bingo-playing step-mother. (The USA secret service must be getting really peeved looking at this blog again and again!!!)

Anyway, I was flicking through my most favourite of newspapers last Saturday and fell across yet another story about Kezia Obama. This time the journalist involved actually made the effort to go to a bingo club to conduct a section of the interview.

Although I liked the piece as a whole; the one thing that annoys me once again is the tired view of bingo through the eyes of the lazy journalist and I have come up with a theory: These journalists are ‘dayworkers’. They get up at 6:30am, travel to there office and work until 5pm. Therefore any story has to be told within this time-frame; which generally means that they visit a bingo hall for a news’s story on a midweek morning/afternoon where they experience only ‘one side’ of the bingo world. It is a valid side and one that is an essential part of the industry.

However, the more ‘vibrant’ side of the business is generally the night-time trade where the prizes are bigger and the crowds are more diverse. Why don’t the journalist’s visit then when they could garner a ‘different’ opinion of the bingo world?

I await the time when a journalist actually ventures out after dark and experiences another side of the bingo industry…..one that I have seen on a regular basis: and one that keeps me coming back to this great game!!!!!!!!!!

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