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It’s rare I’d even bother mentioning the launch of a new network online bingo skin on this blog, but I’m breaking with convention here to do just that. The site in question is Cheeky Bingo, the latest site to be launched by Cashcade (the people behind Foxy Bingo) and I have a strong feeling that the site will be a surprising smash hit in the online bingo world this year. I’d even go so far as to say this site could be this year’s Wink Bingo.

What’s so good about Cheeky Bingo then I hear you say? Well, it offers free bingo for real cash prizes. “So what!” I hear you say, “lots of sites offer regular free bingo games for cash prizes!” Well yes that’s true, but none do it quite like this – from 8am to midnight there are up to 3 free bingo rooms in play, with prizes selected randomly from £1 to £10. The games play at the same rate as the normal pay-to-play rooms as well. It’s a remarkable amount of free bingo and puts the big site’s ‘free game every couple of hours’ model to shame.

I was only aware of the site today, and I believe it’s only just launched, but already there are over a 100 players in the free rooms. This will only grow, especially as Cheeky Bingo will soon be all over the TV as well. Cashcade have obviously learnt from their success with Foxy on TV, and they’re going big with this one too.

The free bingo market is a big one, a couple of sites offer full time free bingo, but the best they can muster is prizes in the shape of t-shirts and other ephemera. They will be wanting to keep their regulars away from Cheeky Bingo as they will depart in droves for the chance of winning actual cash prizes, especially as they will be able to withdraw them from the site (once they pass the minimum withdraw levels). Cheeky Bingo is a true first, and if it’s not massive this time in a month, then I will be amazed. Not only will it be a massive success, it won’t be long before it’s being copied all over the shop.

Initially you’d be thinking it’s going to cost more than it will draw in, but to be honest, I’m not so sure. There’s obviously an element of loss leader in this, but I think the prizes are not so large as to be too costly, and many people who win the prizes will choose to play it on the cash bingo games, with few actually ever withdrawing.

And speaking of the cash side, that’s starting to take off as well. I think the folks behind Cheeky Bingo have got the credit crunch, and competing products like Tombola’s Bingo Lite in their mind as they’ve opted to keep the cash bingo games pretty cheap as well, with tickets at 5p and 10p. The only real chance you have to overspend is on the weekly £5,000 guaranteed game, and even then it’s only at 50p a ticket. All in all it’s a great package for the budget conscious bingo player, and given the current economic climate, that’s not a bad thing and will ensure its success.

Funnily enough, Wink Bingo broke about this time last year, and made a massive impact on the scene almost over night. If my guesstimates are right, the success of Wink will pale compared to what I believe Cheeky Bingo will achieve this year. Keep an eye on it, I guarantee you it’s going to be massive. Visit it here:

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