VAT Deadline And Gaming Act Update

The Bingo Association have posted a couple of news posts the last couple of days that will be of interest to the operators out there. First up, there’s a reminder that all VAT Reclaims for the period between 1973 – 1996 have to be lodged by the cut-off deadline of March the 31st. I have to admit I’m not quite sure what that’s about and was wondering if it was related to Rank’s massive VAT repayment on MCB games. Maybe someone could clarify that for me?

Speaking about that, there’s also a link to the HMRC’s brief re the Mecca Bingo VAT case. The brief states the HMRC believes that it is in the right (well they would say that) and they are expecting the case to go to the high court in March or April of this year, and that there will be a further tribunal to explore this issue to be held in October 2009. If the above VAT reclaim is related to this, and operators can get back overpayments on a 23 year period, it could be a massive windfall. I’m not sure if that’s the case though, so don’t quote me on that. I like bingo, not tax stuff…

Finally, there’s also a mention of the amendments to the 2005 Gambling Act, regarding the raising of limits on number of high stake machines allowed in clubs. According to the Bingo Association, the amendment has been approved in Parliament and Lords, but is just waiting for a signature from Gerry Sutcliffe, the Minister who’s been dragging his feet on getting this sorted for almost a year now. If you’re an MP or work in the Houses of Parliament, and see him in the corridor, give him a nudge, lend him a biro and send him on down to the signing room will you?

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