Changes And Improvements To The National Bingo Game

If any of our readers have visited the Creative Corner here at Playing Bingo then you will know that it was quite a few years ago that I first visited a land based bingo hall. Once I’d realised that it wasn’t all blue rinses and walking frames, I was a regular before switching my focus […]

When Is A Big Win Not A Big Win?

When is a big win not a big win? Interesting question and the answer is simple – when it is at Biscuit Bingo! We’ve long been a bit wary of the sites that use the Cozy Games software and for good reason. Although things are changing for the better at some sites that use the […]

Another Big Bingo Prize Dispute Settled

I’ve covered a couple of stories recently about big Bingo prize wins going to court as they’ve been disputed, with the winner refusing to share with their Bingo partners. Well, another one has just been through the legal system in Chester, and this time the judge made the winner split her £50,000 win three ways. […]

Bingo News Round Up – Conversions, Sales And Taxes

Been a few interesting stories around the last week or so that I haven’t touched on, so I thought I’d just quickly mention them all in one go, headline style. First, news of the fate of two old halls, both of which have been closed for some time. Firstly, the Hayweights Bingo hall in Musselburgh, […]

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