Another Big Bingo Prize Dispute Settled

I’ve covered a couple of stories recently about big Bingo prize wins going to court as they’ve been disputed, with the winner refusing to share with their Bingo partners. Well, another one has just been through the legal system in Chester, and this time the judge made the winner split her £50,000 win three ways.

The two sisters Linda Kenny and Doreen Thomas took their sister Edna Sexton to court with the complain she’d gone back on a verbal agreement to share the winnings equally between them. The Edna changed her mind and refused to split the money with her sisters, leading to the dispute and the court action. The judge on the case found for the two sisters as he saw this as a “breach of contract.”

As this whole case revolved around a verbal agreement, it’s interesting to see how this judgement is the stark opposite to the recent case in Devon where the judge allowed the winner to keep all her prize money. In that case the judge said that the verbal agreement was casual and therefore non-binding.

The big test of Bingo splits is yet to come, the case of the second Mecca Millionaire winner in Scotland is yet to go to court. That dispute is over a massive one million pound prize disagreement. It will be interesting to see the outcome when it does happen. This is also a good time to remind players of our Prize Share Agreement form for people who play shares. You never know, it might just save you some cash.

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