Big Wins…Keep or Share?

I never share with family and friends when I play bingo. Now you may say that is a selfish and ‘scrooge-like’ attitude but I do not want to get into the situation that some people do when they win big! The recent news this week of Sisters going to court to get a share of a £50,000 jackpot cements my belief. The whole story was in the national press today (mirror) and it is just a sorry state of affairs that a whole family is torn apart due to a big win at the bingo. For every story you hear about close friends sharing a million, you hear other tales of friends and loved ones taking each other to court over a few grand.

The national lottery had the same sort of press when it began; before it created contracts and the suchlike to counteract any such disputes over big wins.

So follow the example of this website and print off the prize share agreement form, get your bingo pals to sign it and save yourself the lawyers fees the next time you win big at bingo!!!!!!

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