The Daily Mail And Its Gambling Hypocrisy

I almost exploded last week watching the TV. I can’t remember who it was on talking, but it was some one from The Daily Mail. Politics aside, I couldn’t believe the line the paper was taking on the super casinos cancellation. Following Gordon Brown’s announcement of the cancellation of Manchester’s super casino, their response was […]

Belfast Bingo Players Quitting Diary

The Belfast Telegraph run an interesting story on the manager and a couple of customers the Strand Bingo in Londonderry. Basically, they’ve decided that with the smoking ban they will give up the smoking and they’re keeping a diary of their experiences. Good luck to them, but in my experiences of giving up the dreaded […]

Bingo’s Core Problems – And Some Potential Solutions

I’ve already mentioned the importance of the coming year to the bricks and mortar Bingo industry in my last post. If you’re new to the subject you may be wondering why there’s so much panic and concern given the fast approaching smoking ban. Brand Republic have a great article entitled ‘Bingo faces core problem’ which […]

Even More Scottish Halls Could Close

Following the story of the Scottish smoking ban, a report today says as many as half of Scotland’s Bingo Halls could close. It highlights a point I’d missed in past posts about why they’re not taking the gaming outside. They can’t, it’s banned. Bingo halls are worse affected than bars and pubs, which have coped […]

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