Think Bingo Wins Which Bingo’s UK Site Of The Year Award

The results are in, and Think Bingo has been declared the winner in Which Bingo’s annual vote to find the best UK Online Bingo site. I have to say I’m more than a little surprised to see Think Bingo win it, as to be fair they’ve been far from my top picks in online bingo the last year. I’ve mentioned before how pointless I think these sort of awards are, and it seems the results would bare me out. Sites win it on the strength of the votes they can get their members to cast rather than any empirical research and grading of the site.

You can see the final results here, for both the Best UK Bingo Site and the Best New Site. I have to admit, and I’m not naming any names, that a number of the sites in both lists are well below par. If the inclusion of poor quality sites is bad enough, a number of established sites with quality offerings are not even in the top 10.

Still, congratulations to Think Bingo for their award, it would be bad mannered of me not too. But, as I mentioned before, I think if this sort of award is to have any real weight and value, a panel of industry experts and bingo players should decide the winner by a set list of criteria. It would be great to see someone set up something like this and get to work helping to sort the good from the bad from the ugly. As the awards stand now, they’re not very illuminating when it comes to shining a light on the best that online bingo has to offer.

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