Charles Clarke Turns Bingo Caller

More on the political movement to get VAT scrapped on Bingo revenues this weekend, as the former Home Secratery Charles Clarke has joined the cause. The Eastern Daily Press has a report on Charles’ photo-op when he turned Bingo caller at the All Saints Green Mecca Bingo in Norwich. Mr Clarke has promised to raise the issue ahead of the budget. The report mentions he was a jovial caller who avoided the urge to use the old fashioned rhymes. I’m guessing we won’t be seeing him in the 2008 Bingo Caller Of The Year competition just yet.

Charles Clarke is one of a number of MPs who are lending their voice to the issue, after seeing the effects the hall closures have on local communities. However, he’s not the first to take to the stage as an actual Bingo caller. Last year the Scottish First Minister Alex Samond took the stage to call a game as well, to highlight his stance on the laws surrounding the game. I’m sure I can recall another case as well recently. Still, as momentum builds, it would be great news for the industry to get a small lifeline, but as I’ve been saying here, that’s no substitute for developing the business and using a bit of creativity to expand the game and hall’s potential to earn money.

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