A Look At Trophies On The 15 Network

Last week we took a look at the big changes that have taken place at some of the sites on the 15 Network [read more here], with the same alterations reported to be coming to all brands on the network imminently. Part of those changes was the introduction of a feature called Trophies and in today’s article we are going to have a look at these in more depth.

The site that we first noticed all the changes on was Barbados Bingo, a brand that was only launched on 9th April on 15 Network but the new feature is going to be rolled out to all sites as and when they are upgraded. Trophies can already be found at Showreel, Elf and Dove Bingo as well as the newly launched site.

What Are Trophies On The 15 Network?

The more trophies you earn, the more Mega Wheel spins you are awarded and the higher your loyalty level achieved. But how do you earn trophies? The answer to that question, if answered in its entirity, would take forever because there are lots of ways in which to earn a trophy.

These are seperated into categories and below is an example taken from each of the categories available. Please note that each category has a varying number of trophies. The following are the first from each section on our account page. They may differ from player to player:


  • Serious About Slots – play three different slots in your first day.


  • Lucky Streak – win 500 times in one day

Spins and Bets

  • Win On The Go – play on your mobile

100 Club

  • The Winning Century – win 100 times

Mega Wheel

  • The Amazon Legend – win an Amazon voucher on the Mega Wheel


  • A Dragon’s Story (Bronze) – win £200 on A Dragon’s Story

Lucky Games

  • A Dragon’s Story Lucky Streak – win 100 times on A Dragon’s Story in one day


  • Starburst Teamwork – play Starburst at the same time as someone else, when they win £500 or more


  • Member – reach the Member level of the VIP Scheme


  • Birthday Bash – play on your birthday


  • I <3 Slots – play on Valentine’s Day

Withdrawals and Deposits

  • Ka-ching – make your first withdrawal


  • One Week – one week since first deposit


  • Fast Win – grab a bingo win within 7 days of your first fund


  • Trophy Master – collect 25 trophies

Please note that whilst Trophies will earn you Mega Wheel spins, any spins won on the Mega Wheel at sites like Barbados Bingo will be subject to the standard 65x wagering requirements on any winnings.

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