Major Changes On 15 Network

A short while ago we received an email requesting that we stop promoting a number of brands powered by the Jumpman Gaming software. The brands included some on the 15 Network, sites like Elf Bingo, Showreel Bingo and Dove Bingo. The email informed us of a re-design of all the sites and we’ve been eagerly awaiting its arrival.

We have to wait no longer, the new look is available now at the sites and first impressions are good. The changes are more than just a lick of virtual paint across the home page. There’s a change in the overall aesthetics, the software, promotions and even two new payment options have been added but there is a downside too.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Across The 15 Network

We first noticed the aesthetic upgrade on a visit to Elf Bingo on 11th April and we were impressed with how the new homepage looked.

Elf Bingo - Home
Elf Bingo – Home

When we tried to login using our usual details, we found that we were asked to upgrade and actually had to request a password reset in order to be able to access our account. However, this took minutes and when we deposited, we were awarded the first deposit bonus again.

We did have to re-register our card but this was expected considering the changes are quite major to the software.

The 15 Network Bingo Lobby

The lobby looks better than it did but if we had to find fault, it would be that bingo is not the default landing page. Whilst we understand the slots are the bread and butter of the network, the sites are being promoted as bingo sites and not casinos.

Elf Bingo - Lobby
Elf Bingo – Lobby

The 15 Network Game Screen

We had to wait 30 minutes to get a screen shot of the new game screen on the 15 Network and this was at 7.30pm!

The reason for this was that there were just no bingo players in the rooms which meant that each game we brought for was cancelled.

When we finally found a game that ran, we were impressed with the new software and the improved functionality and option to have a simple ticket view too.

Elf Bingo - Game
Elf Bingo – Game

New Wagering Requirements On 15 Network

What wasn’t so impressive was the substantial increase in the wagering requirements of the 15 Network. These were first noticed on the newly launched Barbados Bingo and after enquiring as to why they were 65x rather than the standard 40x, we were told by this site that

Apparently all the sites are moving to 65X shortly. Only the “old” bingo platform sites are on 40X currently – but they will all move to 65X as soon a they move onto the new Platform – which should be imminently.

That’s quite a substantial jump.

New Payment Options

For every negative, we are trying to find a positive and the two new payment options are just that. You can now deposit on the upgraded sites (remember not all have the new software yet) using the usual credit and debit cards but also with Paypal and Paysafecard now.


Another new feature are trophies and we’ll be looking more closely at these in a follow up article next week when we have got a proper grasp of what they are.

At first glance it would appear you earn them for playing and spending at the sites and will get rewarded with Mega Wheel spins BUT with the slot spins awarded from the Mega Wheel having 65x wagering requirements on the winnings, how exactly is that a reward?

New Slots

As well as enhancing the bingo with new software, there are a whole plethora of new slot titles added to the sites on the 15 Network and Wheel of Slots Network, many from developers that hadn’t previously been listed. These include Quickspin and Microgaming to name just two.

In Summary

Yes, the new sites look cleaner and fresher and with the new payment methods and upgraded software, they are far improved on what was on offer BUT we still don’t think it’s enough.

Increasing the wagering requirements, dropping promotions (there are no more monthly offers across the network which carried a prize pool of about £2k each month), it seems like players are picking up the tab for the cost of the upgrade.

Jumpman Gaming haven’t done themselves any favours in our opinion and having dropped affiliates for some brands, what are their plans to promote the shiny new software?

The phrase ‘flogging a dead horse’ comes to mind when we think about Jumpman Bingo.

Additionally, with the Gambling Commission and CMA cracking down on unfair terms and conditions, you have to ask, are Jumpman Gaming sailing a bit close to the wind?

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