Bright Bingo To Make A Move

Over the years we have seen many online bingo sites take the decision to move software provider, some have even made more than one move. However, these are usually changes that happen with networked brands, not those on proprietary software so we were shocked to hear the news that Bright Bingo was planning a move to the Dragonfish network.

The announcement was made on the Bright Bingo Facebook page on 16th April and this was apparently being followed up with a newsletter to all those who held an account with the site. However, as of 18th April we had not received notification of the impending changes through our registered email address.

Facebook Announcement From Bright Bingo

The Facebook Announcement from the site reads as follows:

We have some BIG news!

Bright Bingo is moving to the Dragonfish Network!

Told you, this is big, big, big. Since you’re our bestie, we wanted to let you be the first to know that Bright Bingo is going to be moving to the Dragonfish network. So what does that mean?

Well it means bigger prizes, many more offers, huge promotions and tons of events to take part in.

What do you need to do? Just sit tight, keep your eyes peeled and watch out for the next exciting update coming soon.

To be honest, there wasn’t much of a reaction from followers of the page. There were just three comments in total since the news broke, and one of those was from me! Jeremy was probably the most vocal and his comment said “so you sold us out to probably the worst platform for bingo,much thanks (not) for your loyalty to us !”

We’re not sure when the move will be happening, but Bright Bingo did respond to our request for a date by saying “It is expected to take place quite soon. I believe there is further information due to be sent to you tomorrow in your newsletters.” The move could have taken place by the time this article is published.

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