Rehab Bingo Re-Branded Because Of ASA

Rehab Bingo first launched into the world of online bingo back in 2005 as part of the Rehab Group. Since launch, a percentage of the money spent at the site has been donated regularly to the Rehab Group charity. The charity provides health and social care services in Ireland.

As we reported yesterday, Rehab Bingo is no more as it has been rebranded as Rosy Bingo but it was only after we published the news that we became aware of the reason for the rebrand. Some 13 years after launch, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have ruled that the word ‘rehab’ and ‘rehabbingo’ suggest that online bingo was a form of rehab that could be used to alleviate personal problems!

All Is Not Rosy For Rehab Bingo

Whilst it is easy to see why a few people might associate the two words in the same manner that the ASA have, surely that’s only going to be a handful of people? Having been aware of the brand since its launch, I have not once considered that Rehab Bingo was trying to sell itself as the place to be if you have an addiction or problem you wish to address.

Instead, I have always seen it as a site that was helping a worthy cause. That said, I do recall there being far more information about the Rehab Group on site in the past, information that was not as prevalent since Broadway Gaming took over the brand in January 2014.

It could be that the reason Rehab Bingo has only just been scrutinized for its branding by the ASA is that the Gambling Commission recently investigated Broadway Gaming following an ASA ruling against another of their brands in June 2016, Butlers Bingo.

This investigation then looked at all the brands from Broadway Gaming. However, it seems very much like locking the stable after the horse has bolted, like many of the issues dealt with by the ASA.

You can read the full ruling for Rehab Bingo here.

It’s All Getting A Bit Much

Am I the only one reading this and thinking that whilst the ASA believe they have valid reason to request a rebrand of Rehab Bingo, in 13 years there has not been a single complaint from a member of the public.

Surely if some poor, unsuspecting person had headed to the site expecting all their problems to be alleviated by Rehab Bingo because of the name, and they weren’t, they would have raised a complaint suggesting that they had been misled because they believed Rehab Bingo ‘that online bingo was a form of rehab that could be used to alleviate personal problems.’ Or have there been no complaints because Rehab Bingo did actually alleviate their problems? That’s sarcasm, in case anyone thought I actually believe online bingo can alleviate problems….

I am aware that I sound flippant but for me, this is bureaucracy gone mad and whilst I may not have chosen to play at Rehab Bingo on a regular basis, I feel for the operators.

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