More Plans For Safer Online Gambling

The Gambling Commission have made many changes to the world of online gambling over the years and over the last few months there has been quite the fluffy of activity. We’ve seen operators become more transparent in their wagering requirements, changes in the overall design of web pages and stricter rules implemented around the appeal of gambling to younger people.

New plans have recently been announced by the Gambling Commission which means there could be even more changes coming to the way we gamble online. With an estimated nine million people across Britain gambling online, improvements on safety are always welcome.

However, when you look at what is being suggested as proposed changes and actions, many on the list are things that we have been saying should happen for quite some time.

Proposed Changes And Actions For Safer Online Gambling

There are a number of proposed changes and these include:

  • No access to free to play demonstration games until a person’s age has been verified.
  • Making the age verification process quicker and more effective.
  • Limits are to be set on accounts until affordability checks have been conducted.
  • Tackling unacceptable marketing and advertising and unfair terms, and improving complaints and disputes procedures
  • Strengthening requirements to interact with consumers who may be experiencing, or are at risk of developing, problems with their gambling.

Five areas that the Commission have done some work on already but will be undertaking more on in the coming 12 months are:

  • Checking the effectiveness of the tools available to customers to manage their gambling.
  • Review gambling product characteristics to identify whether particular features pose greater risk of harm than others
  • Review our requirements on the protection of customer funds and consider whether there are sufficient protections around dormant accounts
  • Take into consideration whether gambling on credit should be allowed still.
  • Take into consideration what other changes could be made to ensure withdrawals are easy enough for the consumer.

It’s an interesting time in the world of online gaming and all of the changes are certainly more player focused than they have been for a very long time.

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