Rehab Rebrands To Rosy Bingo

Our excitement was piqued recently when we heard of yet another new bingo brand that had launched, a brand called Rosy Bingo. Immediately we headed to the site to see what it had to offer to the discerning online bingo player, only to be disappointed to find that the site isn’t actually a new site but a re-brand of an already established name, Rehab Bingo.

What was even more disappointing was that the site had done very little to make itself to look even remotely different from its previous incarnation. The only difference is a change in logo, which you’d expect with the new Rosy Bingo name, and a new welcome offer. The latter being less than was offered by Rehab.

Why The Change To Rosy Bingo?

It was back in November that the company who own and operate Rehab Bingo told affiliates that they were being dropped as of 1st December and to remove all links and marketing material for the brand. Further investigation revealed that it was only the marketing that was to stop for the brand, despite asking directly if the site was closing.

Now, when you try and visit Rehab Bingo you are directed to Rosy Bingo. Another big giveaway that this is a re-brand is when you take a look around the site and there are many remnants of the old brand like

Rehab Bingo is one of Ireland’s best loved bingo sites. Having launched back in 2005, Rehab Bingo offers regular 90 ball and 75 ball Bingo rooms with a range of promotions including free games, BOGOF games and headline jackpots of up to €10,000

Further details of why the site has been rebranded will be available tomorrow following the publication of the Advertising Standards Authority rulings today.

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