Branding Being Lost By Bingo Sites

It wasn’t that long ago that we covered some of the changes that were being made at various bingo sites in an effort to be compliant [read more here]. The UK Gambling Commission had sent a letter to all operators requesting that they remove ads that were ‘likely to appeal particularly to people aged 17 or younger (‘under 18’)’ and, ‘generally available to view (‘freely accessible’).’

Operators complied and we have seen some of the personalities from various bingo sites lost but now we’re seeing Dragonfish sites taking it one step further, and in many cases, stripping the sites bare of any individuality! Site owners have invested substantially in building the branding, only to be told that much of it has to now be removed.

Blank Pages For Bingo Sites

We have been watching the changes quite closely because we are checking bingo bonuses on a more regular basis to ensure our own compliance and have noticed that more than just logos are changing. Between October 2017 and now, even the main design of various home pages have be amended to show less images that MAY appeal to young people and children!

Home pages are being stripped bare and whilst we 100% agree that a site should not appeal to children, where are the statistics for each individual site showing that under 18’s have tried to register an account?

It’s not a carousel, a helter skelter or a duck (see example of changes from Fairground Bingo below) that is going to entice a child to play at the site, and even if it were – don’t balloons have just as much appeal to a child?

Fairground Bingo Comparison

Fairground is the name of the site, surely they should be able to use fairground rides or relevant images in the design of their site.

In our opinion, 888 are going overboard and whilst we accept that a £7.8 million fine for failing in their social responsibility might mean they air on the side of caution, it’s overkill.

Already several sites have closed and we predict that more are going to pull the plug from the Dragonfish network. It’s just a wait and see game as to which brands and whether they move their operations to another network.

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