Bingo Loses Its Balls

As regular readers of our pages will know, there have been some quite significant changes in the world of online bingo recently. We’ve seen a change in the bonus structure for many sites and more recently, alterations to the design and feel of many to ensure they hold no appeal to children. This was something that was requested by the UK Gambling Commission in a letter to all operators which can be read here. In it they instruct operators to remove any ad ‘likely to appeal particularly to people aged 17 or younger (‘under 18’)’ and, ‘generally available to view (‘freely accessible’).’

Further in the letter it states ‘The use of particular colours, cartoon and comic book images, animals, child- and youth-orientated references’. This looks to have had quite an impact on the aesthetics of online bingo!

Bingo Personalities Lost

We’ve had to revisit all the sites we list here at Playing Bingo in order to ensure that the bonuses and screenshots are up to date and on our visits we have noticed that many bingo personalities have been lost.

These may not be A-list celebrities but for bingo players, they have been the main stay of their online gaming experience for many years. Sunny from Costa Bingo has gone, City the Cat from City Bingo appears to have taken a hike and all of the landing pages for Mandalay Media sites [full list here] no longer show the characters of the sites like Dino for Dino Bingo – not until you login in at least and then you might catch a glimpse of the mascots around the pages.

Even the elf from Elf Bingo has done a bunk, Robin Hood must be off robbing the rich from Robin Hood Bingo and Santa’s clearly busy at Season Bingo!

Bingo Logo Changes

As well as the loss of the personalities on the home pages, we’ve also seen changes to the logos of many bingo brands too. Below are just a few examples:

Queen Bee Bingo – the queen seems to have buzzed off….

Queen Bee Bingo

Honeybees Bingo – as do the bees of this brand…

Honeybees Bingo

Ghost Bingo – they’ve spooked their spectre so much, that he has left too….

Ghost Bingo

Have you noticed changes are your favourite sites? What’s your opinion? Is it all a bit excessive? Leave your comments below.

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