Mecca Bingo Cruises Starting Soon

As many of you will know, we’re old school online bingo players and have been since the arrival of our favourite game on the Internet. This means we remember things like the Foxy Bingo cruises way back in 2008. We were quite shocked to read the claims by Mecca Bingo that a new venture they are running is the ‘world’s first bingo themed cruise’.

The Mecca Bingo cruises are not starting until February next year, and there are more details of them later in this article, but we first want to set the record straight. Foxy Bingo actually did the first ever themed bingo cruises back when their marketing team genuinely loved the brand.

More About The Mecca Bingo Cruises

The cruises are set to sail from Hull and the first will be in February 2018. Mecca Bingo have joined forces with P&O Ferries to being the themed-cruise to life with a unique holiday opportunity for lovers of the game.

If you fancy it, the first sailing is on February 2nd and the price per ticket is just £89. For your money you will get a three night cruise that leaves Hull at 6pm and arrives in Amsterdam at 8am the following day. You can spend the day looking around and then 12 hours later, you will be heading back to the UK.

The bingo element of the cruise comes into play on the evening crossings and Mecca Bingo have said that it is Bonkers Bingo that will be playing onboard.

Bonkers Bingo With Mecca Bingo

Bonkers Bingo is a little different, and even the bingo calls have been changed to move away from the traditional in house feel to the game. Little Mix and Netfliz and Chill are included in the calls onboard, and there will be shots and cocktails served too.

Where your standard game of bingo in a club is usually done in silence, Bonkers Bingo is the opposite and encourages much frivolity during game play.

Do you fancy setting sail with Mecca Bingo? Who knows, they might give away tickets as prizes at their online bingo site – there’s a novel idea….

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