Four Dragonfish Brands Close

When it comes to site closures, it’s quite a rarity that a Dragonfish network brand goes out of business. On a recent check of the sites listed under 888 hat, we were shocked to find that no less than four had been removed from the list! Even more shocking were that some of these brands were quite established and have been around since October 2004.

So what are the reasons behind the sites closing? To be honest we don’t have a clue but we don’t think we’d be wrong in suggesting that it was something to do with the new tax implemented in August this year, or even the cost of updating the sites to the new software that Dragonfish are now using. The likelihood is that there were many contributory factors.

Which Dragonfish Brands Have Closed?

In no particular order, these are the sites that are now closed and a little bit about them – their very own online orbituary if you like:

KMB Original – Before Kiss My Bingo, the Cashcade brand, there was Kiss My Bingo (KBM) the Dragonfish brand. The longevity of this site was always going to be quite limited once Cashcade sold to Party Gaming, we’re just shocked it managed to carry one for as long as it did. It actually survived longer than its younger sister who bit the dust in October 2017 alongside many other Cashcade brands.

Pink Bingo – the site managed over seven years in the online bingo industry having launched in November 2010.

It has been clear for quite some time that no attention has been paid to the last two sites on our closure list simply because the designs looked really dated. However, both were really established brands on the Dragonfish network.

Banana Bingo – this site first launched in June 2009 so had been around for seven and a half years at the point of closure. The site now redirects to Think Bingo.

KS Bingo (King Solomon’s Bingo) – one of the most established of brands in our list, it was launched in October 2004 so had achieved an impressed 13 years online before closure. The site now redirects to Bingo Ballroom.

They’ll Be Another Dragonfish Site Along Soon

Whilst news of the closures isn’t great, there won’t be a gap in the online bingo market from these sites because within days there will be another site along to fill the gap. One of these has already launch – Aunt Bev’s is the latest Dragonfish bingo site to open.

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