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When it comes to adverts for online bingo, we have seen quite a few over the years. Some have really grabbed our attention, and others, bored us to tears. It would be fair to say that the ones that have gotten a thumbs up from us are those that have a great soundtrack. The old school Foxy adverts are classic examples using iconic tunes like We Are Family and You’re The One That I Want. Mecca Bingo are now on the list with their latest offering and if you have seen the advert already, you will know why!

The Mecca Bingo advert uses a parody of the 1983 song by Los Del Rio, Macarena, and it was this that had our attention the moment it could be heard playing went we went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea in the commercial break!

And that’s what an advert for any product needs to do, grab the viewers attention. A big congratulatory slap on the back for the agency that created the Mecca Bingo advert!

Meccarena Is Winner For Mecca Bingo

As the commercial starts you hear the opening bars of the popular 80’s dance tune, and for those of you of a certain age this might get your feet tapping instantly! We see a woman sat on a sofa with her dog. In front of her is a tablet rested on the table and she’s logged in to Mecca Bingo.

As the song continues, she starts to dance and the parody of the song goes like this:

Need one number
Do the Meccarena
Palms all sweaty
Do the Meccarena
Hoping for a win
Do the Meccarena
Hey Meccarena

The Mecca Bingo Advert

If you haven’t yet caught the advert on the small screen, you can watch it by clicking the link below:

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