New Bonus Options Coming To Dragonfish Sites

Every now and then a really interesting piece of information comes our way and we get a little bit giddy with excitement. Today our excitement is because we have heard that the Dragonfish sites are set to introduce and opt out option for bonuses in the not too distant future! We’re like dogs with two tails because way back in September of 2015 we verbalised what many players were thinking, why was there no opt out available for bonuses?

In an article entitled ‘Dragonfish Move The Bonus Goal Posts’ [read it here], we looked at how the changes that Dragonfish made at that point around bonuses was going to affect players. In the piece we said ‘we would like to see is the ability to opt out of receiving the deposit bonuses’ and even asked the question of the powers that be at 888 if this was likely to be an option.

We received a response, one that was not particularly helpful, which suggested that only bonuses that required a code could be avoided at that time. This is set to change.

Beta Testing Of Dragonfish Bonus Options

A document is circulating at the moment which tells of beta testing having taken place at Silk Bingo. Half of the players were given the opt out option, half werent. However, reading between the lines, and having seen how the opt out option is placed in the cashier, we’re unsure as to whether the half that had the option even knew it was there.

Look at the example from the cashier in the image below. This has the opt out option available, is it clear to you? We didn’t notice the difference at first.

Dragonfish - Bonus Opt Out

The option is a tick box underneath the CCV number and any promotion code. Is it prominent enough?

The Results

In the document it says that only 10% of the users given the option actually chose to use it and that the impact on deposits was hardly detected. This was a result based on over 500 depositors.

For the player though, the option to not take a bonus will mean that they are not bound by wagering requirements and any winnings derived from the cash deposits they make are theirs to withdraw.

With this impending change, and the recent reduction in minimal withdrawals and the removal on the cap of withdrawals, Dragonfish sites are certainly looking to be the best option for players.

For a full list of Dragonfish sites, click here.

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