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Are Mecca Bingo in the process of cracking ‘it’? By ‘it’ we mean one of the biggest problems facing land based bingo operators, how to get young people through the doors and engaged in what is considered a bit of an ageing past-time. Perhaps inspired by the success of Bongos Bingo, Mecca Bingo are launching a Bonkers Bingo night at their Burton bingo hall.

Young people are promised a night of fun, which includes food and cocktails with shots, beers and burgers. Obviously food and a tipple are available on regular bingo nights, so there’s also a DJ. And to make the youngsters feel at home, there’s going to be a change to the traditional bingo calls. Little Mix replacing number six is the only one we’ve heard of so far. But, we’re guessing that there are going to be some saucy new calls!

Opening at 9.30 on Friday 1st of September at Mecca Bingo Burton On Trent, the event goes on until 12.30am. Yes, we know, it’s a bit of an early finish for some, but there will still be other places open to move on to afterwards. It’s a one off night, and we’re not sure if it’s part of chain-wide initiative, or whether it’s just the work of manager Kim Megilley.

According to Kim, “bingo (is) attracting record numbers of younger players”. It’s not something we’ve witnessed in our part of the world, but if it is true then this is good news for the bingo industry indeed. As a fear, the purple rinse image is up there with gambling legislation and rent hikes.

What we are wondering is how if these nights are successful, the future will pan out. Will we have generationally split bingo nights? That would be sad, as don’t forget the old were young once! But, then again, most people tend to retire from clubbing in their thirties and there must be a reason for this. It may be difficult to mix youthful hedonism with serious elderly dabbing…

Perhaps regular bonkers nights will strengthen the ties of young people with bingo then gradually, as they age, and pair up (and get worse hangovers), they will finally hang up their clubbing clobber, and settle for a night of tranquil dabbing.

We shall see!

Can you think of any new bingo calls? If you can we’d love to hear from you, just leave a comment below.

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