Puppy Power In Glasgow Mecca Bingo

Over the past few years we’ve seen some strange promotional activities in bingo halls, strippers at Mecca Ayr is one that immediately springs to mind! And the latest one is also in a Scottish club, cute dogs to cheer up players with the winter blues in Mecca’s Glasgow Springfield Quay club.

Mecca Bingo have got together with Guide Dogs Scotland to offer bingo players the chance to ‘cuddle a mutt’ to help uplift their spirits during the month that for some people is just plain depressing. The stripping night did end in complaints (not from the customers…) but we doubt that there will be any complaints this time around.

Even players with allergies will surely commend such a well spirited attempt to cheer up players. To date the trial has been successful in terms of ‘bringing smiles to faces’ according to Tammy Robinson, Community Fundraiser at Guide Dogs Scotland. There are very few public places where you can mingle with mutts these days unless they are guide dogs, as are the dogs in the trial.

If you are lucky enough to have a local pub that allows dogs you will know of the hugely positive effect it has on the majority of patrons. True there will always be the odd customer who is not entirely happy with the situation, but barring those who may have had a bad experience with a dog, or have ‘canine fear’, the only complainants left will generally be ‘life’s gripers’.

Whether the dogs will entice new players into struggling bingo halls is another matter. But perhaps Mecca have got this one right. Bingo was always more about the social than the money aspect. Of course bingo is a business, but bingo halls remain one of the few places where you have ‘regulars’, and a sense of community. Pubs are closing at an alarming rate (for some…) across the UK, leaving bingo halls as one of the few remaining places where you can converse with a familiar face.

Well done Mecca and Guide Dogs Scotland, we hope that the trial is a success, and hopefully will draw more attention to the good work that the trust does. If you do visit the club and get to pet a hound please let us know what you thought of the initiative by leaving a comment below, and alternatively if you have an opinion on doggies in bingo halls please also leave a comment. Original article.

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