New Bingo Hall To Open In Fleetwood

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New Bingo Club
For Fleetwood

“Eyes down” hasn’t been called in Fleetwood since 2009 when Top Ten Bingo on Poulton Road closed. Businessman Stephen Ashe hopes to change that by opening a new hall on Station Road.

Mr Ashe currently owns the Tailor Made Upholstery shop which he intends to convert into a small bingo hall with room for 180 players. He currently has an application underway with the local council so, at the moment the nothing is set in concrete, but according to Mr Ashe people are already asking when it will open.

Fleetwood Bingo Could Open In March

Plans are underway to open in March if the go ahead is given by the council. This seems a bit ambitious, as we’re guessing they’ll have to get the decorators in etc, but you never know… The planned operation will go ahead in partnership with Newcastle Bingo Ltd who already have a small club in Farnborough. After doing a search we found Bingo Godz as the only club in Farnborough, the owners also being located in Newcastle. The online Bingo Godz contact location is located in Newcastle as well, so we are guessing that they may be the same people.

Newcastle Bingo are also planning to open another bingo hall in Shotton. The last club in Shotton was Crystal Bingo which closed around 2014. We had a look at the Bingo Godz website (which we will be adding to ours), and also found a video of the club on their Facebook page. What we saw was basically a practically full house of happy people.

Admittedly it was a small club, but maybe that is the key to its success. Newcastle Bingo have said that their future is reliant on the opening of small bingo halls. They may have hit on something there! Many bingo halls are located in premises that are so large that they unlikely to be filled to capacity.

Some of our favourite bingo halls are the grand ones located in former theatres and other grand venues. An obvious problem that these places have is the high overheads. Heating a grand old building can’t be cheap, and that’s just the start of it. You probably need quite a few players in before you cover fuel, staff and rent and that’s before you even think about prizes. And then there’s the tempting offers that come in from property development companies for your well appointed and historical building.

Maybe it’s not ‘the solution’, but ‘a solution’ to what still ails bingo halls. We will be following the progress of the new hall in Fleet if and when it opens, but will also be following more closely the progress of Newcastle Bingo Ltd to see how their ‘keep it small’ philosophy pans out. Original article.

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