Chat Hosts Hours Slashed Across 15 Network

Over the years we have seen many changes in the world of online bingo including the introduction of mobile gaming. For some it is this that has resulted in what many consider the death of the social side of the game online. Playing bingo on your mobile or tablet doesn’t lend itself well to the chat rooms thanks to smaller screens and pop-up keyboards. It’s no wonder then that more and more chat hosts are being laid off, that chat rooms are being merged and recently a change was implemented across the 15 Network.

Admittedly, it wasn’t a change we had noticed until we popped along to check out the new NetEnt games but according to Ben Starr, a founder of Jumpman Gaming, the drop in hosting of the chat rooms was implemented some four weeks ago!

So what exactly has changed? Well the rooms are now only hosted for six days a week and for five hours per day (7pm until midnight).

Whilst we may not have noticed the changes, has the player at the bingo coal face on the 15 Network? We took a look at some of the Facebook Fan pages for a variety of different sites on the network and found very few comments about the changes.

At Oh My Bingo, one player said

Not sure whats going on here after the changes im thinking Ben what have you done to your software?Im thinking you pooped as 15 players accross all your sites and free bingo 7 players.Why have you got rid of the best cms?apart from blondie?

but other than that, the drop in hours the rooms are hosted seems to have gone pretty much unnoticed. That in itself is a clear indication of how things are.

Not The First Chat Room Change For 15 Network

There was a prior change to the chat room format across the 15 Network in March 2015. Prior to this all of the rooms on the network had their own unique chat room but after March 2015, these were merged into one.

This meant that chat games had to change too and became more fastest finger type games rather than number based ones.

Will we soon see chat hosts become a thing of the past? Not just on this network but all.

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