Mecca Bingo Go Pet Friendly

Poor old Mecca Bingo, they’re having a bit of a time of it recently. Firstly they have to forfeit just under a million pounds in profit following a ruling in a court case and then, as if that wasn’t enough, they have to make changes to their Christmas commercial. This won’t have cost a million, but it wouldn’t have been cheap!

We’ll skim over the first part of the story, it’s interesting if you’re in the industry, but as players, we’re more interested in the Christmas commercial story. You may have seen the advert on television recently and might not even have noticed the massive faux pas by Mecca Bingo (we certainly didn’t until we took to Twitter) so let us shed some light on things….

The Mecca Bingo Christmas commercial features four friends and a pug all stood around in a lounge drinking and chatting whilst sporting party hats. On the table is a plate and on the plate was a mince pie. The pug ate the mince pie and it is this that has caused the problem.

Mince pies can be toxic to dogs, not something we knew before now, but someone on Twitter did and the moment they saw the commercial started a campaign to have the commercial changed!

Well Done Mecca Bingo

It all started with a tweet from @VetsAgainstCull who, as succinctly as possible in 140 characters, requested that they stop showing the advert immediately.

Mecca responded pretty much instantly to the complaint by saying that it would be passed immediately to their marketing team.

The following day this was posted by Mecca Bingo:

Mecca Bingo Advert Update

And now the advert that is showing on television sees the offending mince pie replaced with a biscuit, and not a chocolate one!

We’re really impressed with how quickly Mecca reacted and dealt with the issue. Well done!

New Mecca Bingo Advert

Here’s the new version of the commercial in case you have yet to see it on television.

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