Cash Cubes, New Bingo Variant Coming Soon From Playtech

As our regular readers will know, we review new bingo sites quite often and something we always seem to be saying of late is that each brand brings ‘more of the same’ to the table. We need something new and exciting and it would seem that Playtech are about to deliver with a new bingo variant called Cash Cubes!

We were informed of the impending release of the new product via email. The email told us that the news is bore was just ‘general’ but on reading, we were more than a little excited at the prospect of a new bingo variant from Playtech. It’s a bit like when Tombola use their second to none innovation to create a new addition for their product.

The email reads as follows:

We are pleased to announce that Playtech will launch a new bingo variant to the Playtech Bingo network towards the end of February.

The new product is called Cash Cubes and it offers an exciting and innovative experience to the player. It will appeal to both new and existing players and of course, those looking for a new way to play bingo.

Cash Cubes offers fast-paced games with a variety of ticket prices to choose from. The game has a built-in retention bonus feature and offers jackpot payouts on a regular basis. This all makes winning easier and of course, more fun.

The jackpots for Cash Cubes are 100% community payout which means prizes all round.

This 36 ball, multi-stake bingo offers brings an original and innovative twist to a market that is hugely competitive.

Cash Cubes Game In Play

Obviously, we haven’t yet played the game because it hasn’t been launched yet but we have seen the game in play thanks to a video on the Which Bingo news page.

Here is a screenshot of the game in play.

Cash Cubes from Playtech

It will be available at all sites on the Playtech / Virtue Fusion network by the end of February.

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