Bingo Port Player’s Choice Awards – Short List Announced

Each and every year Bingo Port, a site similar to ours in that it offers news and reviews of online bingo brands, asks players to vote in a selection of different categoriesin the Bingo Port Player’s Choice Awards. Since Tidy Bingo launched, our brand has been nominated in a couple of those categories, which we are always pretty chuffed about.

Having said that, we’re also well aware that we are not likely to win. The reason for this is not that we think the awards are fixed in any way, but sheer player numbers at competitor sites coupled with the ability to offer big jackpots and other incentives to vote, mean that we can’t compete in the categories Tidy Bingo have been nominated for.

This year we are up for the following two categories:

  • Best Boutique Bingo Site
  • Best Promotion (our Tidy and The Troops was nominated)

Competition At Bingo Port Player’s Choice Awards

In these categories alone we are up against many major players in the industry.

Best Boutique Bingo Site

There are 27 other sites included in the category, several of which are owned by the same company as own Bingo Port.

Best Online Bingo Promotion

There are 36 other promotions included in this category, again with some sites owned by the same company that own Bingo Port.

Bingo Port Voting Requests From Big Name Brands

Foxy Bingo is in amongst our competitors in the Best Online Bingo Promotion category, as well as having been nominated in others. When the shortlist was announced, this appeared on the Foxy Bingo wall:

Foxy Bingo Vote Request

As a small brand, we can’t compete with the likes of Foxy Bingo and other big name brands like Betfred, so whilst we are over the moon about even being nominated, you won’t see the Bingo Port logo on Tidy Bingo anytime soon.

We know it’s not the winning that counts, it’s the taking part so thanks for the nominations, they are appreciated but when all categories, bar two, have your own brands* in, it seems to be a little disingenuous and self-indulgent.

*Bingo Port was purchased by Gaming Realms, Gaming Realms also owns Quick Think Media who are responsible for brands like Iceland Bingo, Candy Shop Bingo, Bubble Bonus Bingo etc.

It’s great that players get the chance to nominate and vote for their favourite site and each year, hundreds (if not thousands do just that), we’re just not convinced that it is a very even playing field for all of the contestants.

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