Dragonfish Brands Purchased By United Commissions

News reached our inbox recently of three acquisitions by United Commissions, the company that owns and operate brands like Robin Hood Bingo, Moon Bingo and the most recent launch, Sugar Bingo. It would appear that the company is buying up a selection of second-rate Dragonfish Network brands.

The three brands that we have been notified about are Bingo Wags, Bingolicious, and Two Big Ladies, but we don’t envisage there being much of an impact on players in the first instance.

What we do expect to change over a period time are the welcome bonuses from each brand and design changes. Although these may not be instant, we’re expecting them within six months.

We also expect that the three brands will move away from the Dragonfish network to those networked under United Commissions. This is what happened when they took over a Dragonfish brand in early 2012, Silk Bingo.

Notification Of Dragonfish Brand Changes

Details of the sale were received by email, each saying the same thing:

Please note the site owner (relevant brand web address shown) has sold the site and decided to terminate its affiliate program. The site has been bought by Tarco, Ltd.

As yet it doesn’t appear that there have been any notifications to players of the change of ownership, an indication that we’re correct in the assumption that there will be no impact on them at this point.

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