Charity Bingo Up To Its Old Tricks Again

Regular readers here at Playing Bingo will know that for some time now we have had an issue with Charity Bingo and their inability to keep their players informed of the donations being made to charity. The whole ethos of the site, its unique selling point is that they donate £1 to charity for every £20 you deposit, but regular updates to the charity of the month and the donations made are a rarity.

A previous article like this resulted in an update to the charity pages [read the article here] following the brand providing no update since March 2015! We are now in October and currently the dedicated page shows donations up until June 2015 only.

The site also suggested that their charity would change every month but the Little Princess Trust has been the ‘benefactor’ (we use the term loosely as there haven’t been any donations to date) since June.

The anomalies that we notice don’t stop at their inability to update their page on a regular basis either. From October 2012 when the site launched, to December 2013 we have never seen where to ‘raised’ money was distributed, which charities benefited in those months.

There are multiple online bingo brands that donate to charity but none that build their whole brand around the fact. More than any of the others we feel that Charity Bingo should be more transparent but time and time again, it fails.

Do we think that players choose Charity Bingo over the other brands on the 15 Network because of the charitable link? Yes, we see it at our own brand (Tidy Bingo) and our Tidy and The Troops game. However, where Charity Bingo can’t be bothered to update their dedicated page once a month, we update our totals weekly!

Come on Charity Bingo – up your game, literally. Or maybe just show the site as much love as your new projects or

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