Charity Bingo Stuck In March 2015

In April of last year we reported on the fact that Charity Bingo could not, or would not, account for the charitable donations that has been made by the site between October 2012 and December 2013 [read original article here]. No response was received to our article of the emails that had been sent to the owner but we continued to monitor activity at the site and all seemed to have settled with donations being made regularly for 12 months between January 2014 and January 2015 via Just Giving.

Whilst this doesn’t justify the previous 14 months of unaccounted for donations, it looked as if management were honouring their unique selling point. However, this seems to have ceased as of January 2015 with the last donation of £1,774.00 to Keech Hospice Care. We then stumbled upon a link that showed us they donated to the Riverside Animal Centre in March 2015. Where’s the money for April, May and June 2015 gone?

Not So Charitable Charity Bingo

The unique selling point of this brand is that they boast that they donate £1 of every £20 deposit or more to charity yet once again there’s no account trail shown on the site.

Previous correspondence with the site saw us informed that the owner simply didn’t feel that he had to justify his account to us, or prove the donations to us. And rightly so, he doesn’t but surely he needs to prove that what he is telling players the site is doing is being done?

As you can see from the screenshot taken on 28th June, the page hasn’t been updated for quite sometime. However, the site did honour their charitable donation to Keech Hospice and then in March a smaller donation to the Riverside Animal Centre, they simply haven’t done anything since that point.

To view the full screenshot simply click the image below

Screenshot Charity Bingo

Even the home page is misleading with this month’s charity showing as the Nepal Earthquake appeal (which takes you to the Just Giving page for Keech Hospice Care) and last month’s Dog Trust link ironically takes you to the Cats Protection League for September 2014.

Where Has The Money Gone?

One of the reasons we took at look at Charity Bingo again is that the person who owned the site at the time of the unaccounted for donations is set to launch a new online bingo site, Circus Bingo.

It’s unfair of any brand to promote itself as donating a specific proportion of its deposits to charity without a level of transparency and once again Charity Bingo is doing just that. Without this transparency, they could leave themselves open to accusations that the charity money was used to fund the launch of the new site.

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