Neon Bingo

We recently recapped on the continuing success of Rebel Bingo as an alternative night for younger people who like to mix their bingo dabbing with a bit of clubbing fun. Their longevity as what started off as a bit of a lark has even caught the attention of the major bingo chain Mecca Bingo.

Now there’s a new kid on the block, Desperados, who are launching Neon Bingo, a night of bingo inspired frolics in Dublin. We don’t usually cover non-UK bingo news, however, we’re making an exception here as we are wondering if there is a bit of a movement afoot.

If you watch the video below you will see that Neon Bingo is an event purely for young people, there will definitely be a lack of bingo wings on the night. There will be a twist on the card marking as there won’t be numbers, there will be tunes to be marked off for prizes. This is a further departure from traditional bingo, however, it is still bingo inspired, so the game is still quite firmly alive in the national consciousness.

Well, what did you think of the video? If there is one thing that it exemplifies, it’s that to get young people interested in marking off the cards, you really need to offer a bit more than a few saucy calls and a plate of lukewarm chips. The event, the same as Rebel Bingo, will probably be a ‘bit much’ as it may be off to a ‘flying start’ with a bit of ‘chemical assistance’. Despite a recent bit of a moral panic about cocaine use in bingo halls, they are not generally home to substance abuse. But, again, there are lessons to be learned here about attracting young people into the game for the sake of the future of the whole bingo industry. There are plenty of young people who don’t pepper their noses with ‘naughty salt’ or other substances, it just needs to be figured out how to get them through the doors of Britain’s dwindling bingo halls.

Crack that, and bingo may return to its former glory days!

Hosted by The Grand Social the Neon Bingo night is a free admission event taking place on October 28th in Dublin. If you are in the area you can get more info here.

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