Mecca’s Twerking Cactus Proves Us Wrong

Now we try and have pretty informed opinions here at Playing Bingo but even we’re the first to admit when we have got something wrong. When Mecca Bingo’s twerking cactus hit our screens in an ad campaign for the brand we were the first to say it was a lousy idea and all just a little bit silly!

But as the younger generations know, random sells and clearly Mecca Bingo knew it too because they’ve just announced that their digital profits are up 18% and they are crediting the cactus for the success!

In the very unlikely event that you haven’t see the advert, it’s here. Take a look and see what you think:

As you can see, it all starts very seriously with an official tone and then the ad cuts to a cactus, who can only be described as ‘twerking’. Now we’re not sure what cacti have to do with Mecca Bingo, online bingo, welcome bonuses or in fact any part of the online bingo game, Mecca doesn’t even have a South American theme, but the ad worked and players loved it.

If nothing else it was certainly memorable, we hadn’t forgotten in when we saw the news about the company’s profits today and we think it’s unlikely that anyone might forget it for a while.

It’s great news for the Rank group who run Mecca Bingo and any growth is great news for the industry overall. We’re still not sure we ‘get’ the twerking cactus but it clearly worked for the company and this increase in profits shows it.

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