B.I.N.G.O Show At Forest Hill Gallery

On Saturday 6th of June, and for one night only, there will be bingo night at the Canvas & Cream restaurant, next door to the C&C Gallery 18 London Road, Forest Hill, London. The night will be a re-run of the original B.I.N.G.O game at the London Art Fair in January, but in a different location, and with some different prizes.

Henry Bragg Bingo joy

If you did miss the original opening at the Art Fair, then make sure you don’t miss Saturday’s Razzle-dazzle B.I.N.G.O night, which if you haven’t guessed is not a normal bingo night. The event is a fun way for artists Julie Henry and Debbie Bragg to bring their latest project to the public’s attention. As you can see from the photograph of the last one it was apparently a bit of a hoot for all involved.

Their project is as much a venture into social history as it is an art project. The evening will be preceded by a private view on Friday 22 May between 6-9pm at the gallery. But although some lucky people will be first through the door to view the exhibition, they will have to come back at a later date if they want to be involved in the real fun at the restaurant.

The exhibition is mainly photography based. The artist duo spent a lot of time visiting and photographing UK bingo halls and their players in an exploration of what once was a hugely popular facet of working class culture.

More pointedly, they are looking at bingo that still survives within what were once cinemas and theatres, two aspects of our culture which have declined over the past hundred years. New cinemas have opened, but, the experience is far removed from the original one. Decline would appear to be the overall theme of the show, with notions of culture and class colliding within art to paint a picture of changed cultural landscape. Having said that, the show is also a celebration of bingo.

Whether you are an art fan or not, the evening does promise to be a unique bit of fun. Prizes on offer include meat (an old fashioned bingo prize), reclaimed carpet tiles, bingo paraphernalia and other specially customised unique artworks from artists Henry/Bragg. Get yourself along for a bit of a grin!

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