Lucky Charm Bingo Commercial

Lucky Charm Bingo opened to players March 2015 so it’s a fairly new brand to the world of online gaming. However, whilst it may be a relative baby it hasn’t stopped this brand from advertising its wares on television just a short while after launch! The site itself is powered by the Dragonfish software but like Bubble Bonus before it, this site has something a little more to offer the players.

The Lucky Charm Bingo commercial isn’t quite as impressive as some of the adverts we see for online bingo brands, but then nor is it as annoying as some of the others we are subjected to either. The advert is all animated and starts with the voiceover telling you to ‘lift off with Lucky Charm Bingo’ as a hot air balloon sporting the logo comes into view.

The balloon, complete with bingo ball in the basket, floats through a cloud that is filled with a variety of lucky charms; there’s a leprechauns hat, horseshoes a variety of charms and of course, bingo balls. Whilst this is happening the voiceover is waxing lyrical about the product.

She says ‘Not only do we offer all the exciting bingo that you’d expect, we also give you the chance to collect our lucky charms earning you bigger bonuses and prizes as you reach new heights. The more you play, the more you collect. The more you collect, the more you earn.’

The voiceover then explains the current welcome bonus structure at Lucky Charm Bingo as the balloon continues to float through the sky before she then tells you how the products is available on your desktop, mobile and tablet.

The commercial certainly explains the Charm Chaser, the sites unique bonus creator, quite succinctly – not easily done in a 30 second advert!

For those of you who may not have seen the advert yet, simply click the image below to view:

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