Leominster Bingo Club Reopens

After the brief rash of bingo club closures the other week, it’s time for some good news. The closures were a bit of a jaunt, so it’s great to report on the reopening of a club that has closed earlier this year.

Top Ten Bingo in Leominster closed down in May of this year, and the future of the venue looked a bit uncertain, despite the fact that the building is the old Clifton Cinema, a venue that obviously is custom made for entertainment. Luckily the venue has been snapped up by Roger Witnall who also owns The Ritz in Belper, Derbyshire (a new page on our website).

Mr Witnall actually maintained the club’s machines a decade ago, and jumped at the opportunity to rescue a club that he was familiar with. His other club is open several days a week, and although an independent without the lure of big national prizes, he must have a bit of a recipe if he has the confidence to reopen a club that had obviously closed for a financial reason.

Clifton Bingo in Westbury Street, Leominster has been open as an entertainment venue in one form or another since 1936. It opened as a 800 seater cinema, intially an independent it was sold to the Essoldo chain in 1979, and the cinema wing of the business closed a year later. It then reopened as the Essoldo ‘Square Deal’ Bingo Club, which was taken over by Top Ten Bin go who vacated the premises in May.

With 40 years in the bingo business the Mr Witnall obviously has the experience to hopefully make the club work in the long term. It’s great to see a reprieve for the club, and we wish the club success for the future. Original article.

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