Foxy Spotted Sunning Himself On Brighton Pier

If you’ve been making the most of the late summer sun and heading to the seaside then you may well have spotted an unusual furry creature on Brighton Pier this week as the suave fox from Foxy Bingo headed there to catch a few rays himself!

Now we’re not sure foxes and beaches mix, but Foxy is no ordinary vulpes vulpes and Brighton Pier is where he was this past Monday. We have it on good authority that he hadn’t just stopped off for an ice-cream and fish and chips on the pier but was actually there filming the latest Foxy Bingo television advert.

We’ll bring you more news of that when the advert is released, probably a few weeks from now but Twitter was alive this week with people who had spotted Foxy on the pier. To be fair he’s pretty hard to miss and anywhere he turns up he was always going to cause quite a stir!

Those present declared that Foxy was up to his old tricks and maybe unsurprisingly he was surrounded by quite a few ladies. Without giving away too many spoilers for the advert, they’re all wearing retro 50s style swimming gear!

Now producers at the scene are quoted as saying that filming is likely to last around three days, and that means they may well still be there today, so if you’re in the area you might want to head along for a glimpse of Foxy as he struts his stuff on Brighton Pier. Let is know if you get an autograph!

Past adverts have told us that Foxy doesn’t mess around with advertising and the ads are always comical and entertaining. The ads also often come with limited time enhanced welcome bonuses and special games too, so we’ll be looking out for those!

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