Tourette’s Bingo Argy Bargy

A young man was recently ejected from a bingo hall in Eastbourne after uttering a string of expletives during a regular bingo session. Louis Bunn who suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome said that the tics which he cannot control got worse as he got more stressed.

It appears that the situation was aggravated by other players and the bingo caller who apparently mocked Louis’ initial inoffensive shouts. The mocking led to Louis’ exclamations becoming more and more offensive.

The Leo Leisure Bingo players were subjected to a barrage of expletives that rang around the bingo hall. The last straw for the owners was Louis shouting “Jimmy Saville’s got my leg”, after which he was ejected from the building.

Louis who is a regular at the hall has said that he does not know what prompted the last remark, which bearing in mind the ‘fallen star’s’ history was probably deemed by many to be the most offensive, and resulted in his removal. It does seem that if anything Mr Bunn is the victim here, as he is not in control of his condition. Having said that, it obviously must be disconcerting for other players who are trying to marks their cards.

Louis has doubled his medication since the incident which will hopefully silence the tics that he suffers. If the caller truly did mock Mr Bunn then that was perhaps not the best response. Tourette’s sufferer’s should not be publicly ridiculed, as apart from showing a lack of respect for someone suffering from an uncontrollable neurochemical condition, ridicule also leads to stress which then leads to the sufferer shouting even more, which was seen on the 24th of August at Leo Leisure.

We do hope that a solution to the problem is arrived at that will keep all parties happy, and that Mr Bunn is allowed back into the bingo hall to play his regular sessions. Original article.

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