A Wedding Proposal At BingoCams

BingoCams boasts a unique player interface, bringing that real face to face experience to the online game by adding webcams to show your winning moments, and now the site has had its first online marriage proposal, but is all as it seems?

It’s not the first time BingoCams has been connected to true love, back in May 2012 there was a report of two players at the site getting together and then eventually getting married. That report got the brand a lot of coverage across the news pages, and now this proposal is likely to be the talk of the bingo world this week.

Welshbabe93 was playing at BingoCams on 4th January when she got her first online winning moment, in the background you see her boyfriend leap off the sofa, get down on one knee and propose. Welshbabe93 instantly replies ‘Yes!’

As you can see, her boyfriend then places the ring onto her finger and they both give a big thumbs-up to the camera. You can see the video in full here:

Now it’s very sweet and will no doubt get BingoCams a lot of coverage, but was the proposal genuine or a set up by Bingo Cams for some free advertising?

The proposal itself looks a little rehearsed and contrived, at the very least it seems that Welshbabe93 was not in the least bit surprised, giving the impression that the proposal was planned off-camera. Whether this is an attempt at viral advertising by BingoCams, or an attempt at 15 minutes of fame from Welshbabe93 we don’t know, but we can’t help but feel that the proposal was a little less spontaneous than it’s portrayed to be.

Whatever the case, we send our many congratulations to Welshbabe93 and her new fiancé, we hope they’re very happy together!

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