Farnborough To Get Bingo Hall

There have been very few openings of new bingo halls over recent years, a few takeovers, but of late we haven’t seen much in the way of investment in new bingo premises. Farnborough however should be getting a brand new bingo hall this year if things go to plan.

Apparently local residents travel as far away as Basingstoke and Bracknell for a game of bingo, so there will definitely be a least a few local people pleased with the council’s decision to grant planning permission. Gala Bingo had previously taken a lease on a retail centre unit, but the bingo operation never actually opened.

The proposal has not been without its objections though, one stating that “A gambling establishment is not good for the community and will downgrade the area considerably.” This perhaps a bit harsh as bingo has long been recognised as the soft end of gambling, and more of a good night out than a swift route to the debtors.

If you Google ‘Farnborough entertainment’, you don’t get a lot of results apart from the obvious coverage of the air show. So either there is not much call for entertainment, or the council have got it spot on and the club will be a success.

Another objector commented that β€œIt will lower the tone of the area and may encourage other such establishments in the future, putting off the kind of independent traders Farnborough needs.” I’m not sure what is meant by ‘other such establishments’, but I’m guessing that the objector has never stepped inside a bingo hall.

Still, whatever is proposed, there will always be someone who objects. More to the point though is the fact that the current premises have been vacant for three years. The opening will among other things create jobs for local people, something which under the current economic downturn is of vital importance. And if someone is prepared to risk capital on a venture which has all but been abandoned then hats off to them, no matter what the nature of the business (within limits of course!).

We’re pleased that the premises are going to be used for bingo, as the industry has been suffering of late, and needs a bit of good news, no matter how small. We do hope that the venture is a success (we believe it will called ABC Bingo), and will be letting you know when it opens. Original article.

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