Free Bingo Link Games Across UK Clubs

If you’ve been reading this blog you will know that the bingo industry in the UK has been struggling for some time now, and many claim that unfair taxation is doing further harm. It is the only area where the government can intervene to help one of Britain’s well loved institutions survive.

But why should the government intervene when plenty of other businesses are also suffering under the current economic climate? Well, bingo halls attract higher taxation than other gambling businesses, which many deem to be unfair, particularly because bingo is at the ‘soft end’ of gambling.

The Bingo Association which has approximately 400 clubs as members has been fighting the government on taxation for several years, but as of yet to no avail. The association recently hired a new public relations company to take care of their government lobbying, and it is perhaps at their suggestion that member clubs offer free bingo sessions in an attempt to garner public support.

Free bingo link sessions will be offered across the UK on the afternoons and evenings of Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th January. As part of the Boost Bingo campaign, you will be able to play bingo for free to win real prizes in link games. The link games will be free, but if you want to play the main games you will need to pay for your books. Players will be encouraged to sign a petition calling for a reduction in the unfair tax levy.

It appears that the lobbying route has not got anywhere, so now a show of pubic support is needed. We wish the Bingo Association the best of luck with this campaign as they have obviously put a lot of thought and energy into the initiative.

If there is a bingo hall near you, give them a ring (phone numbers on our Club Finder pages), and see if they are participating in the campaign. If they are, and you do go along for a free game please let us know what you thought of the experience by leaving a comment below. And good luck with that link game. Original article.

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