Half Of Bingo Play Now Mobile

When the first online bingo sites launched back at the turn of the century (that makes it sound a long time ago!), there was an explosion and in a relatively short time the world went from considering bingo to be a game for old people, to thinking of it as a vibrant game to be played online. If you saw the growth from the start you’ll know the industry went from a handful of sites to hundreds in a very short time. The growth in mobile bingo wasn’t quite as fast and much of that was because of the technology lag. While the bingo software was compatible online, nothing as good could be made for the mobile client and so the industry was slow to take off.

Anyone who played mobile bingo games back on the simple WAP software couldn’t be blamed if they’d been put off mobile gaming forever, it was slow, clunky and offered poor graphics.

However since the launch of the first smartphones seven years ago (it was 7 years last week since the first iPhone launched), and the growth of smart technology since then, the mobile world has caught up with online offerings, and now mobile bingo is seeing an explosion of its own!

In the last couple of months we’ve seen more and more sites launch mobile apps, and these are available to play from any decent smartphone or tablet, and with this have come some other new trends too. More recently we’ve seen bingo advertising tailored to attract a mobile market, and more promotions are also pointing towards the mobile market with mobile exclusive jackpots and specials.

But while the market is attempting to transfer desktop players to mobile, how many of these players are actually choosing to switch to mobile play? Well, a recent survey by the United Bingo Network who run sites such as Moon Bingo, Robin Hood Bingo and others has suggested that as many as half of bingo players now choose to play from a mobile device, showing a massive growth in the industry.

2,500 bingo players returned the bingo poll, so a fair demographic of the industry and suggested that around 39% of players used Moon Bingo Mobile and others from a smartphone, and 24% like to play from an iPad. Now even if some of those customers switch from one to another, that would suggest that around half of bingo players like to access games from a mobile device.

We’re all different of course, and how we like to play often depends on what we get out of the game. Even here in the Playing Bingo office we all have different preferences for our bingo play. I love mobile play and now prefer it to playing online, but Nickie is a stalwart for online play and states the difficulty in accessing chat rooms from mobile for the reason she prefers online play.

As we said, often what you get from the game can sway your preferences and for her it’s the chat and social aspect of the game that she loves. David is different again, he’s the traditionalist among us, and he still prefers to head to the bingo hall for a night out and a game of bingo, we’re not sure we’ll ever switch him over to mobile play, but for the rest of us, more of us are checking out the mobile versions of our favourites sites daily!

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