Free Bingo For Emergency Services At Mecca Beeston

Last week Mecca Bingo in Beeston, Nottingham offered free Bingo to emergency service workers as part of their Emergency Services Week. Bingo halls tend to do a lot for charity, but this is the first time we’ve heard of a club extended their gratitude to workers who serve the community in this way.

All last week, the offer was made to workers in various services, including; NHS workers, fire service, police, vets, dentists, and other emergency services. The ‘thank you’ included a free game of bingo, and a drink, with the offer being made to reserve a table for groups of workers.

I’m guessing that there may be some groups of workers who might have thought they deserved to be on the list and may be a bit miffed at having being missed out, but I guess you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. Perhaps in future they may have a charity workers week, a teachers week, and others. The important thing is that they’ve got the ball rolling in recognising the services of the workers that we cannot do without.

Whilst being a great way of thanking the local services it must have been a good night out for work colleagues (we do recommend it, especially if your work colleagues have never been before). And as well as a bit of a laugh, let’s not forget that there’s always the chance of hitting a line or a full house.

It would be interesting to know what the workers thought of the experience, as many people who have never played bingo before are quite shocked about the fast pace, and initially struggle to keep up with the numbers. It would also be nice to know if any of them won. So, if you were one of the lucky invitees, please let us know what you thought of the game and if any of your colleagues won by leaving a comment below. Hats off to Mecca Beeston for such a great idea!

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