Bingo Association Hires PLMR

With the bingo industry on its heels, the Bingo Association is making moves to increase pressure on the government through the lobbying process, by hiring PLMR (Political Lobbying and Media Relations company). The industry whilst not at crisis level has been nevertheless in trouble over the past decade.

The excellent summer we had this year, one of the best for many years, unfortunately led to many bingo halls succumbing to the worst attendance figures, and subsequent profits in years. Obviously nothing can be done about the weather, however the Bingo Association is doing its best to tackle what has a been a bugbear for bingo hall operators, the arguably unfair taxation levels.

For several years the bingo industry has been complaining about the unfair extra 5% of taxation that they have to pay over the 15% level of other gaming outlets, which includes casinos and bookies. Luckily for Mecca Bingo, their owners The Rank Group also own Grosvenor Casinos, which have been doing very well lately, so there is a ‘cushion’, however there is no cushion for many of the other chains and independents with bingo as the sole business.

The Bingo Association welcomed Gala Bingo back into its membership earlier this year, which means that the Association can now be said to represent practically all of the UK’s bingo halls. Three and a half years with PR Company Luther Pendragon have led nowhere solid to date, so PLMR have been hired to hopefully lobby more effectively for a reduction in taxation.

Whether or not this move will contribute to the achievement of the Bingo Association’s goal of getting taxation reduced remains to be seen, however, at least they are doing something. PLMR were named Consultancy of the Year at the Public Affairs News Awards this year, so they’re obviously doing something right: fingers crossed bingo folks. Original article.

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