Bingo Caller Caught Fiddling

With the Department of Work and Pensions ramping up their campaign for reporting benefit cheats it is amazing how some people in the public eye think that they can get away with it.

The latest high profile benefit cheat to be caught is a bingo caller, although he is one of many who were obviously ‘playing the numbers’ when it came to their chances of getting away with it. Not too long ago a boxer in Wales was caught fiddling disability benefits as he was seen in the ring, not just bit of sparring in his local gym, but actually competing at championship level (and winning if memory serves correct). This is probably the ultimate expression of a completely blase disrespect for the law, as anyone who has ever trained as a boxer will know, you need to be in tip top condition, because if you’re not, you are going to get one hell of a leathering.

The latest public benefit cheat is a bingo caller, a 25 year old man from Creswell, who was caught claiming benefits for over three years whilst working at a bingo hall in Worksop. Again, what was he thinking of? If you are going to cheat on benefits (not that we condone that sort of thing!), then surely get your self a job as a night watchman, where no one will see you. Bingo callers are not just ‘doing a job’, when they are good, they do attain a certain amount of ‘local celebrity’ status. By the way, after a little bit of digging around I’ve found that rumours of rewards for reporting benefit cheats are apparently untrue (please leave a comment below if I am wrong about that).

We are not sure of exactly how he was caught, but, he was obviously living on borrowed time. It may have been a coincidence (maybe he was recognised by a DWP worker who happened to be playing at his club), or he may have been under investigation. However, being in such public view as he was, it was inevitable that he was going to get caught. We are not here to make judgements on the morality of a person’s actions, that is for the law and individuals to decide, however, even without knowing the background of the case it is very difficult not to comment on a severe lack of wisdom.

He was lucky to get away with a small fine and repayment of the benefits. I wouldn’t be surprised if courts start passing down an extra fine for ‘blatant disregard’ for those who don’t just break the law, but are seen to be making a mockery of it. Bingo doesn’t need any bad press, and, if you are a bingo caller who is claiming and reading this, think on, and think hard. Original article.

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