No More Team Bingo At Dragonfish Sites

When I first started playing online bingo one of my favourite community promotions was Team Bingo, the chance to cheer your mates on as they won a game or two and not just because it was money in the bank for them. Team Bingo meant that you and your friends could join forces to win loyalty points (LPs) and quite substantial amounts at that. For Dragonfish networked brands, this is no longer an option as Team Bingo has been removed from the promotional schedule it would appear.

A recent visit to Loquax Bingo saw a new promotion where Team Bingo once was. The 2 Million Race offers all players the chance to share in quite an impressive amount of LPs but why the change?

The removal of Team Bingo can be attributed to many different factors. The most obvious being that players are different than they once were – in my opinion they are less social than when I started playing. Chat rooms at many sites now are not filled with banter but a steady stream of abbreviations available with a click of a button, i.e. GL, WTG, 1TG, 2TG etc. Additionally, the introduction of mobile gaming could be a contributory factor, being social in the chat rooms is not quite as easy on a mobile device and therefore friendships are harder to forge.

Team Bingo is still available at some standalone brands but for the Dragonfish network it seems to be a thing of the past now. However, whilst some may mourn the loss of the promotional offer, the new 2 Million race looks quite good and you don’t need to be part of a team to take part. Check it out at any of the sites on the Dragonfish network, sites like Loquax Bingo. A full list of sites on the network can be found here.

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