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Aunty Acid Bingo - Logo

The Backland Studio is the people behind Aunty Acid, a character that you may be familiar with on the social networking site, Facebook. Now we have Aunty Acid Bingo but to be honest, we are surprised to find that the brand has gone with the Cozy Games software on the Live Bingo Network rather than one of the more reputable networks.

Behind Backland Studio is Ged Backland, a chap with an interesting history including being mentored by Ralph Shaffer (responsible for characters like the Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake). Ged is responsible for the Bubblegum characters and the revival of Purple Ronnie. He has worked with Hallmark and Clinton Cards before deciding he had had enough of the corporate jungle and started the Backland Studio where he has created even more characters than she who fronts Aunty Acid Bingo.

Aunty Acid describes herself as ‘crazy lady and long-suffering husband Walt who lives on the corner of Bite Me and No Freakin’ Way.

The Facebook page has an impressive 591,116 likes, the owner of the brand has a pretty impressive history but clearly knows nothing about online bingo to choose Cozy over some of the other networks available.

It’s a massive scoop for Cozy though with such an active social media following and a well-known character, we just hope that the issues with Cozy don’t damage the character.

We visited the site to review the product and whilst checking that the rules for withdrawals hadn’t changed found reference to another of the Live Bingo Network brands (Love Your Bingo) in the Terms and Conditions. In our opinion, having such a massive client should ensure that you have crossed all the T’s and dotted all of the I’s – not overlooked simple issues like this.

Before Aunty Acid Bingo was launched we can honestly say we knew nothing of Ged Backland. We’re suitably impressed with his history, the characters he has created and the following for Aunty Acid on social media sites – sadly we cannot say the same about his choice of bingo software and network.

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