Far From Purr-Fect Advertising At Kitty Bingo

We’ve seen many a bingo advert in our time around the online bingo scene; from the very first commercial by Think Bingo to the epic big budget offerings of Bingo Godz, it has all passed by our eyes. However, whilst there have been a few to date that have had us shaking our heads in despair, none more so than the current offerings from Kitty Bingo.

There are several different versions of the Kitty Bingo commercial but all don’t say “bingo”; more incontinence pads, insurance of some description or dating for the elderly. Of course this is just our humble opinion and it could be, especially if you are a cat lover, that you love the adverts….

We took to Twitter to look at what others thought about the commercials from Kitty Bingo and if they were of a similar frame of mine to us. One user through that the brand was actually bingo for cats. Another suggested that it was just “encouraging crazy cat lady-nes”.

Here are a couple of other examples:

If you’re on ‘Kitty Bingo’ it’s safe to say you are extremely single.

I think the kitty bingo advert is probably the worst I have ever seen.

Advert for kitty bingo, I’d play if you got to win cats

Kitty Bingo advert – I feel sick

Bet the woman of the advert of kitty bingo has never had a boyfriend

The adverts haven’t been on air that long, in fact we’ve yet to catch one whilst partaking in a little television viewing. So if you’re like us and have yet to see one of the commercials, here’s one from You Tube:

We think if you actually gave “Irene” an iPad she would have no clue how to use it!

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